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Manulife Supreme Lite Medical Supplementary Benefit

 Manulife Supreme VHIS Flexi Health Insurance Plan

Limited Offer

Apply now to enjoy 20% premium discount for Subsequent Policy Year!

Limited Offer

(Available in Macau only)

Manulife Supreme Lite Medical Supplementary Benefit is designed to offer you coverage against hospitalization on top of a designated basic plan. It gives you the peace of mind that comes with full coverage on major medical expenses with no sub-limits1, up to HK$12,000,000/US$1,500,000 per policy year. It offers exceptional flexibility to suit your preferences and priorities: you get a choice of 2 plan levels with different ward classes and 4 annual deductible options.

The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the policy, and the full terms can be found in the policy document.

  • General ward in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand
  • Semi-private room for mainland China (designated hospitals), Macau and the rest of Asia (except Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand) and emergency treatment outside Asia


  • Semi-private room in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand
  • Standard private room for mainland China (designated hospitals), Macau and the rest of Asia (except Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand) and emergency treatment outside Asia

on major items of medical expenses throughout the healthcare journey, from diagnosis (CT scans, MRI scans, PET scans, etc.), hospitalization (room and board, doctor’s visits, specialist’s fees, intensive care, etc.), prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy), to surgeries (both inpatient and outpatient) and other enhanced benefits.

Wide coverage includes follow-up outpatient visits, home nursing, additional outpatient ancillary benefits, Chinese medicine practitioner outpatient care, rehabilitation, etc.

Provide high coverage amount to give you sufficient medical support.

  • Annual benefit limit: HK$5,000,000/ US$625,000 (Smart) or HK$12,000,000/US$1,500,000 (Advance) per policy year
  • Lifetime benefit limit: HK$20,000,000/ US$2,500,000 (Smart) or HK$60,000,000/US$7,500,000 (Advance)

Choice of 4 annual deductibles – HK$0/US$0, HK$25,000/US$3,125, HK$50,000/US$6,250, or HK$100,000/US$12,500 – to suit your budget, plus a one-time option to reduce the annual deductible at age 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 or 85 without re-underwriting3.

Any unknown pre-existing conditions4 the life insured might have at the time of application will also be covered, 30 days after plan effective date. Besides, any eligible medical expenses incurred as a result of congenital condition(s) that have manifested and been diagnosed after the life insured reaches age 8 will also be covered5.

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    Other features

    Achieve specified activity goals and you will be entitled up to 10% premium discount upon renewal of your policy during the next membership year.

    Hospitals offer various accommodation options with different facilities, and the categorisation used by the hospitals may be different from the definitions in the relevant policy/benefit provisions. If you are unsure of whether a particular accommodation option meets the relevant ward class definitions under these policy/benefit provisions, please contact Manulife before confinement.

    Manulife Supreme Lite Medical Supplementary Benefit is an indemnity hospital insurance product provided and underwritten by Manulife. The above provides only general information on this product. It does not form part of the policy and does not contain full terms of the policy. Before making a purchase, you should read the policy documents for the exact terms and conditions that apply to this product. You can ask us for a copy.

    1. Full cover / Full coverage shall mean no itemised benefit sub-limits, and the benefit payable shall be subject to the remaining deductible (if applicable), annual benefit limit, lifetime benefit limit and other limitations. Full cover / Full coverage applies to designated benefit items only, while other benefit items are not fully reimbursable and subject to respective benefit item’s limits. Please refer to Benefit Schedule and the supplementary benefit’s provisions for details.
    2. For non-emergency treatment received outside Asia and/or for non-designated hospitals in mainland China, the benefits shall be payable in accordance with the Standard Benefit Schedule. The benefits are subject to the geographical limitation, the limitation on choice of hospitals and the limitation on choice of ward class. Please refer to the ‘Limitations of benefits’ section of the product leaflet for details.
    3. You may apply to lower the annual deductible of this plan to HK$0/US$0 or any other options available at that time at age 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 or 85 of the life insured within 31 days before the relevant policy anniversary without providing further evidence of good health. You can only apply this once at policy renewal during the lifetime of the life insured. Upon reduction of the annual deductible, the premium payable shall include the standard premium according to the prevailing standard premium schedule adopted by the Company for such annual deductible option, and any premium loading the policyowner has agreed for the plan. For the avoidance of doubt, the policyowner still has the right to request the Company to increase the annual deductible at any policy renewal, without providing further evidence of good health on the life insured.
    4. Pre-existing condition(s) shall mean, in respect of the life insured, any sickness, disease, injury, physical, mental or medical condition or physiological degradation, including congenital condition, that has existed prior to the Plan Effective Date. An ordinary prudent person shall be reasonably aware of a pre-existing condition, where - (a) it has been diagnosed; (b) it has manifested clear and distinct signs or symptoms; or (c) medical advice or treatment has been sought, recommended or received. The Company may impose case-based exclusion(s) to the pre-existing condition(s) notified to the Company in the application for the plan and any subsequent information or document submitted to the Company for the purpose of the application.
      Unknown pre-existing condition(s) refers to any pre-existing condition(s) that the policyowner and/or life insured was not aware and would not reasonably have been aware of at the time of application. Please refer to the supplementary benefit’s provisions for the full terms and conditions.
    5. The benefits actually paid are subject to your policy terms and conditions, including but not limited to the case-based exclusion(s).
    6. ManulifeMOVE is not part of the plan.
    7. International medical assistance (for Hong Kong or Macau residents) / worldwide emergency assistance (for non-Hong Kong or non-Macau residents) and second medical opinion are provided by third party service providers which are independent contractors and are not our agents. We shall make no representation, warranty or undertaking as to the availability of any medical opinions given by the medical service providers including hospitals or any services given by the service providers. We shall not be liable for any fault, negligence and/or default in the services provided by the service providers. These services may be subject to service charges payable to and determined by the third party service providers from time to time. The Company will not be liable for any transactions therein or any default in the services offered by the third party service providers. The services may change from time to time. Please visit our company website ( for the latest medical referral services provision and emergency assistance benefits provisions (for Hong Kong or Macau residents) / PRC and worldwide emergency assistance benefits provisions (for non-Hong Kong or non-Macau residents) for the terms and conditions of these services. For the avoidance of doubt, for international medical assistance and worldwide emergency assistance, the insured person’s place of permanent residence is based on his/her information when the request to use the services is made.
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